Science Quiz: Force and Pressure

Q1: Opening a door is an example of ._______
(a) Contact force
(b) Non contact force
(c) Spring force
(d) Magnetic force

Q2: What is the cause of change in motion or change in the state of motion?
(a) Pressure
(b) Atmospheric Pressure
(c) Friction
(d) Force

Q3: A charged balloon attaches to a wall because of ______
(a) Muscular force
(b) Electrostatic force
(c) Magnetic force
(d) Gravitational force

Q4: The unit of force is _______
(a) Newton
(b) Dyne
(c) kg. weight
(d) All of these

Q5: What is force?
(a) Push
(b) Pull
(c) both a and b
(d) None of these

Q6: A body is said to be under balanced forces when the resultant force applied on that body is_____
(a) One
(b) Zero
(c) Infinite
(d) None of these

Q7: The ratio of force, acting perpendicular to the area, on which it acts is known as ________.
(a) Force
(b) Friction
(c) Pressure
(d) Density

Q8: The pressure of the water at the bottom of the pond is _______ at the surface of the pond.
(a) Lower than
(b) Higher than
(c) Same
(d) either lower or higher

Q9: As we go to the higher altitude the atmospheric pressure ________.
(a) Increases
(b) Decreases
(c) Remains same
(d) Cannot say

Q10: The force involved in falling an apple from a tree is:
(a) Magnetic force
(b) Contact force
(c) Electrostatic force
(d) Gravitational force

1: (a) Contact force
2: (d) Force
3: (b) Electrostatic force
4: (d) All of these
5: (c) both a and b
6: (b) Zero
7: (c) Pressure
8: (b) Higher than
9: (b) Decreases
10: (d) Gravitational force

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