Reasoning Questions For DSSSB/HSSC Exam | 5th October 2019

The reasoning is the most scoring section in any competitive exam. It also develops or nourishes our critical thinking skills as compared to other subjects. In DSSSBKVSAPS Exam as a student to score well in this part, you have to start your preparation now because there is negative marking as well. The more you have prepared, the better you score.

Direction (Q1-2): in the following questions has a magical matrix with question mark. Replace the question mark by choosing the correct response from amongst the alternatives given.
(a) 20
(b) 26
(c) 16
(d) 12


(a) 9
(b) 23
(c) 33
(d) 43

Q3. Which of the following is always associated with justice?
(a) Hypocrisy
(b) Legitimacy
(c) Magnanimity
(d) Diminutiveness

Q4. Which one of the following is always found in ‘Bravery’?
(a) Power
(b) Courage
(c) Experience
(d) Knowledge

Q5. A rat runs 20’ towards East and turns to right, runs 10’ and turns to right, runs 9’ and again turns to left, runs 12’ and finally turns to left and runs 6’. Now which-direction is the rat facing?
(a) East
(b) West
(c) North
(d) South

Q6. Vikas rode his bicycle northwards, then turned left and rode one km and again turned left and rode 2 km. He found himself exactly one km west of his starting point. How far did he ride northwards initially?
(a) 1 km
(b) 3 km
(c) 5 km
(d) 2 km

Directions (7-10): Read the following information and answer the questions given below it:

Alka is older than Mala. Gopal is older than Mala but younger than Alka. Kapil is younger than Ram and Mala. Mala is older than Ram.
Q7. Whose age is between Gopal and Ram?
(a) Mala
(b) Kapil
(c) Alka
(d) None of these

Q8. Whose age is between Mala and Kapil?
(a) Gopal
(b) Ram
(c) Alka
(d) None of these

Q9. Whose age is exactly in the middle of all five?
(a) Mala
(b) Gopal
(c) Ram
(d) Alka

Q10. Who is eldest?
(a) Alka
(b) Mala
(c) Kapil
(d) Gopal


S1. Ans.(d)
The pattern is as follows:
In the first column 2 × 1 +1 = 3;
In the second column 14 × 7 + 7 = 105;
Let the missing number be x
Then x × 9 + 9 = 117  or x = 12
Therefore, in third column, missing number = 12

S2. Ans.(c)
The pattern is as follows:
In the first row 8 × 2 + 17 = 33;
In the second row 12 × 2 + 5 = 29
Therefore, in third row, missing number
= 10 × 2 + 13 = 33

S3. Ans.(b)
Legitimacy is always associated with justice.

S4. Ans.(b)
‘Courage’ is always found in ‘Bravery’.

S5. Ans.(c)
From the fig., it is clear that the movements are from A to G.
The journey of the rat is from A to B, B to C, C to D, D to E, E to F and F to G.
Starting point = A
End point = G.

Therefore, the final movement is in the direction FG i.e. north

S6. Ans.(d)
The movements of Vikas are as shown in fig. i.e. P to Q. W to R and R to S.

P = Starting Point
S = End Point
Since S lies to the west of P.

Hints (7-9): According to the given information:
Alka > Mala. …..(i)
Alka > Gopal > Mala …..(ii)
Ram > Kapil …..(iii)
Mala > Kapil …..(iv)
Mala > Ram …..(v)
Combining (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) & (v) we get an arrangement according to descending order of the age:

  ….. (vi)

S7. Ans.(a)
From (vi), we get

S8. Ans.(b)
From (vi), we get

S9. Ans.(a)
From (vi), we get

S10. Ans.(a)
From (vi), we get
Eldest ⇒ Alka/1

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