Happy Diwali!!

Adda247 Family wishes you all a very happy Diwali!! Deepawali is a Hindu festival celebrating the homecoming of Lord Rama observed mostly in the month of October or November every year as a religious and cultural celebration among the Hindu population of the world. The significance of lighting Diyas on Diwali is reflected in the fact that the word Deepawali has itself been created from the word Deep which means a glittering lamp. Every house is decorated with vibrant and colourful lightings and flowers. Traditionally, people celebrate the festival by lighting earthen lamps with cotton wicks and candles. They also prepare a number of delicious recipes, wear traditional Indian clothes and worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi on this day to attain good fortune and prosperity in their lives.
The mythological significance of this festival is that people of Ayodhya celebrated the homecoming of Lord Rama who returned after 14 years of exile with his brother Laxman and wife Seeta on this day. The lighting of Diyas signifies that our beautiful mind needs to be enlightened and all the negativities like hatred, jealousy, greed, lust, and anger burn out with the same. People also celebrate this festival by lighting up the sky in various colors, most of them forgetting that these firecrackers have a detrimental effect on our environment and the humankind as well. So, we hope our students will take up the social responsibility of celebrating the festival with peace, without polluting their surroundings.
May God bless you all with lots and lots of happiness, contentment, and prosperity in your life. Eat lots and lots of sweets, promote Green Diwali and do not forget to study or at least leaf through your notes for an hour on this opportune day. Have a lovely festive day. 
Happy Diwali!!

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