Environmental Studies Quiz

Dear reader here we are providing some
question on environmental studies which can be helpful in your upcoming CTET
1.    Which of the following represents one
of the objectives of teaching EVS at Primary School?
(1) To inform the learners about the books they should read to expand their
(2) To connect the experiences of the learners in school with the outside
(3) To make learners aware of technical terms and definitions
(4) To assess technical terms related to EVS

2.    Which of the following statements
about assignments is correct?
(1) Assignments provide learners an opportunity to search for information,
construct their own ideas and articulate them
(2) Assignments can be done by parents, brothers or sisters depending on the
talent that they possess
(3) Assignments need to be given as classwork followed by homework every day to
provide variety and practice
(4) Assignments should be the only method of assessment 
3.    Simple experiments and demonstrations
can be performed in the EVS class
(1) to discuss ideas, record and analyse observations on the basis of questions
raised by students
(2) to control the students to ensure discipline in the class’
(3) to enable children to learn on their own and sharpen their observation
(4) to follow what is being done in the senior classes
4.    Durga lives in a village and cooks
food on a chulha (earthen stove) using wood or cow dung cakes as fuel. She has
been suffering from severe cough
for the last three months. This may be due to the
(1) smoke produced by burning fuels which may have caused her allergy
(2) old age and pollution inside and outside her hut
(3) carbon monoxide produced by burning fuel which may have been deposited in
her respiratory tract
(4) soot produced by burning the fuels which may have been deposited in her
respiratory tract
5.    After the lunch break, while teaching
EVS, you find that students are not. taking interest in the lesson. What would
you do?
(1) Take the children out to play in the ground
(2) Ask them to put their heads down on the desk and relax
(3) Use audio-visual aids based on multiple intelligences to make the lesson
(4) Change the topic immediately
6.    A school planned an educational trip
for Class-V students to Rajasthan. What would be your expectation from the
children during the visit?
(1) They should note down their questions, if any, and ask the parents after
reaching home
(2) They should observe everything without asking questions about it
(3) They should enjoy themselves
(4) They should observe keenly, make notes and share their observations with
other students and the teacher
7.    Chipko Movement was strengthened under
the leadership of
(1) A.K. Banerjee
(2) Sunder Lal Bahuguna
(3) Amrita Devi Bishnoi
(4) Medha Patkar
8.    Vitamins are substances
(1) required in small quantities to prevent deficiency diseases
(2) that increase our metabolic rate leading to loss of weight
(3) required as medicines to make us healthy
(4) that build muscles to keep us strong
1. (2)
2. (1)
3. (1)
4. (4)
5. (3)
6. (4)
7. (2)
8. (1)

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