English: Tenses

Q1(CBSE class 10, 2011): Complete the following passage choosing the correct options given:

According to the NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the Aliens (a)_____________ a base on the Moon and they (b)_______________ the American astronauts in no uncertain terms to (c) ………………….. and stay away from the Moon. According to (d) ………………….. unconfirmed reports, both Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin saw UFOs shortly after that historic (e) ………………….. on the Moon in Apollo 11 on 21 July 1969. Observers in the control room say that they remember (f) ………………….. one of the astronauts refer to a “light” in or on a crater (g) ………………….. the television transmission. The mission control (h) ………………….. for more details.

 (i) are having
 (ii) have
 (iii) has
 (iv) is having

 (i) are telling
 (ii) tell
 (iii) told
 (iv) are saying

 (i) get off
 (ii) getting off
 (iii) got off
 (iv) going off

 (i) a
 (ii) an
 (iii) no
 (iv) some

 (i) are landing
 (ii) is landing
 (iii) were landing
 (iv) landing

 (i) hearing
 (ii) listen
 (iii) having heard
 (iv) have listened

 (i) in
 (ii) during
 (iii) for
 (iv) at

 (i) is asked
 (ii) are asked
 (iii) asked
 (iv) was asked

(a) (ii) have
(b) (iii) told
(c) (i) get off
(d) (iv) some
(e) (iv) landing
(f) (i) hearing
(g) (ii) during
(h) (iv) was asked

Q2(CBSE Class 10 2010): Complete the following paragraph by selecting the most appropriate option from the ones given below:
In the same wild place where Macbeth had first (a) ____________ them, the three witches (b) ____________  strange songs and putting mysterious things into the pot over a fire. They were making black magic. They (c)____________ suddenly. ‘‘He’s coming,’’ said one of them. Macbeth (d) ____________ there, looking at them.

(i) see
(ii) seen
(iii) saw
(iv) been seen

(i) was singing
(ii) had sung
(iii) have been singing
(iv) were singing

 (i) stop
(ii) were stopped
(iii) stopped
(iv) had stopped

(i) was standing
(ii) had stood
(iii) stood
(iv) have stood

(a) seen
(b) were singing
(c) stopped
(d) stood

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