English Quiz on Sentence Improvement

Dear reader here we are providing some question
on sentence improvement which can be helpful in your upcoming CTET exam
Direction (1-10):Pick out the one which can substitute  bold group
of words correctly, without changing the meaning of the sentence
1.    Though his actions were severe criticized, he didn’t
lose his temper.
(1) were severe criticism
(2) were being of severe criticism
(3) had severe criticisem
(4) were severely criticized

2.    It was he, not me, who decided to postpone the program
(1) he, not I
(2) him, not me
(3) he, not mine
(4) him, not I
3.    This candidate has none of the characteristics possess by the
deserving ones.
(1) from the characteristics possessed by
(2) with the characteristics possess by
(3) of the characteristics possess with
(4) of the characteristics possessed by
4.    Those who are indecisive can be readily persuading to
change their mind again.
(1) can be ready persuading
(2) can be readily persuaded
(3) could be ready to persuade
(4) can be readily persuasive
5.    We should realize that the chance of accident may be as
great or greater
 in our homes than in a train or on the
(1) may be at least as great in our homes as
(2) was at least as great as in homes
(3) can be as great or greater in our homes than
(4) may be at least as great or greater in our homes than
6.    In 1994 the batsman scored thrice as many runs against Australia as that had in
(1) than he
(2) than he did
(3) as he
(4) as he did
7.    Primitive man believing that a crime created an
imbalance which could be rectified only by punishing the wrongdoer.
(1) believes that a crime created
(2) believed that a crime created
(3 believed that a criminal created
(4) believed that a crime creates
8.    Everybody depend upon him scoring runs every time
India goes to bat.
(1) depends upon him scoring
(2) depend upon him score
(3) depends upon his scoring
(4) depending upon his scoring
9.    Most of the boys and girls like to see these kind of
(1) this kind of movies
(2) these kind of movie
(3) these kinds of movies
(4) this kind of movie
10.  The floods that came last year was devastating more than
the ones this year.
(1) were more devastating
(2) was devastated more
(3) were devastating more
(4) were more devastated
1.      (4)
Since severe here modifies the verb criticised,
adverbial form severely should be used
2.      (1)  
When a pronoun follows a verb of incomplete predication (here
 it is in the nominative case.
3.      (4)   
ExplanationPossess should
take its past participle form.
4.      (2)
 “The indecisive” are the object of persuasion. Hence use the
passive form.
5.      (1)
ExplanationThan does
not go alone with as great. So we need a structure
where both as great as and greater than are
present. But none of the choices contain such a structure. Mathematically, we
are looking for  situation. The is conveyed by (1)
6.      (3)
Since the pronoun refers to the batsman mentioned earlier, replace that with he.
7.      (2)
ExplanationBelieving is
not a verb.
8.      (3)
 Everybody is singular. Hence
the verb should be singular depends. Besides, the pronoun governing
a gerund should be in the possessive case.
9.      (4)
a particular kind of movie is being referred to .
10.   (1)
The subject – word floods is plural. Hence replace was with were.
Besides, more is added before an adjective.

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