English: Idioms

1.  at first sight
Meaning: immediately
Ex: It was nothing special about him at first sight.

2.  on second thought
Meaning: reconsider something
Ex: I was going to buy a new car. On second thought, I decided to buy an old one.

3.  second to none
Meaning: better than anything
Ex: The music store is second to none. Here you get everything from classical to Jazz.

4.  sixth sense
Meaning: strong intuition
Ex: Sasha has sixth sense for movies. She knows what will happen next in the scene.

5.  forty winks
meaning: a short snap
Ex: I usually take forty winks after supper on weekends.

6.  in seventh heaven
Meaning: in very happy state
Ex: Roma is in seventh heaven one she learns her marriage has been fixed.

7.  on cloud nine
Meaning: very happy
Ex: He just bought a new sports car, he is on cloud nine.

8.   to put two and two together
Meaning: to guess something from the information available
Ex: Manish did not tell his parents that his wife had left. But, from untidy house they put two and two together.

9.  third degree
Meaning: interrogation along with extreme torture to confess or extract some information
Ex: Poor chap died at the police lockup after the third degree.

10.  jaw about someone or something
Meaning: to talk aimlessly about someone or something
Ex: Do we have to keep jawing about Tom all day?

11.  roar away
Meaning: to speed away, making a loud clamor
Ex: The car roared away into the night with tires screeching.

12.  value for
Meaning: to hold someone or something in esteem for a particular quality
Ex: I value him for his skill in negotiation.

13.  jerk off
Meaning: to snatch or quickly pull something off someone or something
Ex: Alice jerked the top off the box and poured out the contents.

14.  strike up a friendship
Meaning: to become friends (with someone)
Ex: I struck up a friendship with John while we were on a business trip together.

15.  give ear to- give (an) ear to someone
Meaning: to listen to someone
Ex: I gave an ear to Mary so she could tell me her problems.

16.  bad-mouth
Meaning: say unkind, unflattering, embarrassing (and probably untrue) things about someone
Ex: I don’t believe what Bob said. Why is he bad-mouthing me?

17.  beat around the bush
Meaning: avoid giving a direct answer
Ex: Quit beating around the bush! If you don’t want to go with me, just tell me.

18.  make up one’s mind
Meaning: decide what to do
Ex: A: Where are you going on your vacation?
B: Maybe Canada, maybe Mexico. I can’t make up my mind.”

19.  make a mountain out of a molehill
Meaning: make something seem much more important than it really is
Ex: “Calm down. There’s really nothing to worry about.
You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.”

20.  get a kick out of something
Meaning: find something amusing
Ex: “I really get a kick out of listening to children talk. They say some very funny things.”

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