Child Development and Pedagogy Quiz

Q1: In the context of education, socialization means
(a) creating one’s own social norms
(b) respecting elders in society
(c) adapting and adjusting to social environment
(d) always following social norms

Q2: A school gives preference to girls while preparing students for a State level solo-song competition. This reflects
(a) Global trends
(b) Pragmatic approach
(c) Progressive thinking
(d) Gender bias

Q3: Vygotsky emphasized the significance of the role played by which of the following factors in the learning of children ?
(a) Hereditary
(b) Moral
(c) Physical
(d) Social

Q4: A teacher makes use of a variety of tasks to cater to the different learning styles of her learners. She is influenced by
(a) Kohlberg’s moral development theory
(b) Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory
(c) Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory
(d) Piaget’s cognitive development theory

Q5: A teacher never gives answers to questions herself. She encourages her students to suggest answers, have group discussions and adopt collaborative learning. This approach is based on the principle of
(a) proper organization of instructional material
(b) setting a good example and being a role-model
(c) readiness to learn
(d) active participation

Q6: Which of the following is a teacher-related factor affecting learning?
(a) Proper seating arrangement
(b) Availability of teaching -learning resources
(c) Nature of the content or learning experiences
(d) Mastery over the subject-matter

Q7: According to Kohlberg, a teacher can instill moral values in children by
(a) giving importance to religious teachings
(b) laying clear rules of’ behaviour
(c) involving them in discussions on moral issues
(d) giving strict instructions on ‘how to behave’

Q8: Young learners should be encouraged to interact with peers in the classroom so that
(a) they can learn answers to questions from each other
(b) the syllabus can be covered quickly
(c) they learn social skills in the course of study
(d) the teacher can control the classroom better

Q9: When a child with a disability first comes to school, the teacher should
(a) refer the child to a special school according to the disability
(b) seclude him from other students
(c) discuss with the child’s parents to evolve collaborative plans
(d) conduct an admission test

Q10: According to Piaget’s stages of Cognitive Development, the sensori-motor stage is associated with
(a) imitation, memory and mental representation
(b) ability to solve problems in logical fashion
(c) ability to interpret and analyse options
(d) concerns about social issues

1. c
2. d
3. d
4. b
5. d
6. d
7. c
8. c
9. c
10. a

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