Child Pedagogy Quiz for CTET Exam 2016

1. According to Piaget’s cognitive of  learning the process by which the cognitive structure is modified is called-
A. Assimilation
B. Schema
C. Perception
D. Accommodation

2. The ‘doing’ aspect of behavior falls in the-
A. Cognitive domain of learning
B. Affective domain of learning
C. Co-native domain of learning
D. Psychological domain of learning

3. According to Kohl-berg, the thinking process involved in judgment about question of right and wrong is called-  
A. Moral Realism
B. Moral Dilemma
C. Morality Co-operation
D. Moral Reasoning
4. The stage of cognitive development,according to piaget, in which a child display ‘object permanence’ is-
A. Sensory motor stage-
B. Pre-operation stage
C. Concrete operational stage
D. Formal operational stage
5. A student is aggressive in his behavior toward his peer group and does not conform to the norms of the school. This student need help in-
A. Cognitive domain
B. Psycho-motor domain
C. Affective domain
D. HOTS( higher order thinking skills) 
6. Which of the following stages are involved when infants”Think” with their eyes, ears and hands-
A. Concrete operational stage-
B. Pre- operational stage
C. Sensory motor stage
D. Formal operational

7. Which one of the following is not a part of Piaget’s pre-operational stage except-
A. Egocentricism 
B. Animism
C. Conservation
D. Irreversibilty
8. In Vygotsky’s theory which aspect of development gets neglected-
A. Social
B. Cultural
C. Biological
D. Linguistic
9. Which one of the following is a part of Piaget’s concrete operational stage except-
A. Reversibility
B. Spatial Thinking
C. Inductive reasoning
D. Lack of conservation

10. Riya does not agree with Amit about setting up a class picnic She thinks that the rules can be revised to suits the majority. This kind of peer disagreement, according to piaget, refers to-
A. Heteronomous morality
B. Cognitive immaturity
C. Reaction
D. Morality of co-operation