Teaching Aptitude Quiz for KVS/NVS Exam 2016-17

1. The name of Yashpal Committee Report (1993) is-
A. learning through broadcasting
B. learning without burden 
C. ICT in teacher education
D. none of the above

2. The Father of Psychoanalysis is-
A. Erik H Erikson
B. Jean Piaget
C. Sigmund Freud 
D. Jerone S. Bruner

3. In Pedagogy, computer is used-
A. to interact with the learner
B. to provide feedback
C. to motivate the learner
D. all of the above 

4. Which of the following is die brain of the computer?
A. hard disc
B. memory
D. programme

5. The concept of school complex was first executed in-
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Rajasthan 
C. Bihar
D. Madhya Pradesh

6. The proponent of the Cognitive Theory of teaching is-
A. N.L Gage 
B. B.F. Skinner
C. Mc Donald
D. Shiv Kumar Mitra

7. Instruction medium affects the absence and escapes from class teaching-
A. indefinite
B. disagreed 
C. agreed 
D. none of the above

8. The determinant of teaching skill training is-
A. headmaster
B. supervisor
C. pupil-teacher
D. components 

9. For a good communication_______ is required
A. speaking without pause 
B. speaking in a mild tone
C. dramatic presentation
D. clarity of thought

10. Which of the following is an approach to educational planning?
A. manpower approach
B. social demand approach
C. both A and B 
D. none of the above


S1: b

S2: c

S3: d

S4: c

S5: b

S6: a

S7: c

S8: d

S9: a

S10: c